Next Animation Studio (NAS) is the fastest full service animation studio in Asia, specializing in high-quality animation from concept to completion. The studio focuses on developing and producing high-quality, original animation IP for delivery across multiple media channels, innovative VR storytelling, and fast animated news - all in a fraction of time of a traditional studio. NAS employs hundreds of creators and animators in Taipei, Taiwan, and has offices in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.

With millions of followers and billions of views, NAS is known around the world for its daily animated news animation published under its TomoNews platform. It’s one of the few fully digital content studios in Asia. NAS handles every step of the 3D animation content workflow: from storyboards to real-time 3D production to CG animation. NextLab, the R&D operations at NAS, develops new technologies that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment and animation production.

NAS' culture is all about living in the fast lane. Walking into NAS reveals a non-stop flurry of motion. NAS prides itself in creating the best work possible with the quickest turnaround time in the industry. NAS embraces an open environment where creativity and innovation flourish. There are no boundaries or limits. Everyone is encouraged to think big and given the opportunity to see their ideas come to life. While the speed and uncertainty of pushing the boundaries of animation may be challenging, at the end of the day, it is all about having fun, working hard and proudly sharing our work with the world.

Mad Box Zombies
Mad Box Zombies
In a haunted manor, mini animal zombies come out of their matchbox-sized beds to create mischief each night. Led by a zombie squirrel named Lisfer, the undead gang of Mad Box Zombies toss heads like bowling balls, then splatter guts and funny bones until dawn. Get ready to witness the quirkiest, creepiest and funniest undead animals the world has ever seen. Prepare for Mad Box Zombies!
Spy Penguin
Spy Penguin
In Paris, a wave of darkness is threatening to swallow the City of Light. Luckily for the scared Parisians, a secret team of three penguins with an amazing array of high-tech weapons are fighting to save the city. Meet the Spy Penguins! As covert agents of the secret organization P.E.A.C.E., the Spy Penguins - Rooky, Texture, and Roborobo - will show evildoers that birds of the same feather fight together!
Karen Senki
In the aftermath of a war between machines and their creators, machines are now in charge and humans live a life of servitude. Well, not all humans. Karen leads the resistance group, “11”. If they had it their way, the machines would be doing exactly what they were built for - serve humans and not the other way around. Is this the end of humanity? Are they fighting a losing battle?
Kurokan is a baseball themed manga series created by Norifusa Mita that appeared weekly on “Manga Goraku” magazine from 1996 to 2002. Kurokan tells the story of a school baseball team manager named Kuroki Ryuji, also known as Kurokan. With his unorthodox training methods and baseball strategies, he motivates his team to strive for the championship. The story follows the drama not only within his team, but also the school and the community. Kurokan breaks from the “traditional” rules of a baseball manga story by focusing more on the human element of the sport. Follow every step as Kuroki “Kurokan” Ryuji leads his team to the championship at Koshien Stadium!!
Double Hard
Adapted from the classic fighting manga “Double Hard”, by Konno Naoki, the story follows underground fighter Hayami Daiki. Hayami, known as the “Invincible Boxer” is half of the legendary tag-team “Two Man Army”. His partner, Takayama Jin, is a pro fighter who always comes out on top, even when his opponents bend the rules. Any thug who crosses them will get a fast and violent lesson in the art of fighting!
Horror News
Rei Kigata, a young boy who studies at Ishido Junior High School in Japan, did not believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything supernatural. But one night, as the clock struck twelve, a newspaper materialized out of thin air. The masthead read “Horror News”. Rei reads article after article proving the existence of ghosts, spirits, paranormal phenomena, and even prophecies of death. The following day, one of these prophecies comes true when a teacher at Rei’s school suddenly dies horrifically. Horror News continues to arrive at Rei’s house night after night, and his morbid curiosity compels him to read every volume. Too afraid to open its pages, yet too gripping to look away, reading Horror News once will scare a hundred days off your life!

Covering the biggest stories in current affairs, world news, sports, entertainment, and technology, the TomoNews team from Next Animation Studio deliver world famous news animations to a global audience. TomoNews is home to the hottest daily animated news. With over 250 million monthly video views and available in 13 different languages, TomoNews delivers breaking stories from the US, Japan and all around the world. Animations are combined with video footage to help viewers visualize and quickly understand headline events as they unfold. TomoNews also showcases the most talked-about stories on the internet. The craziest, weirdest, most unexpected stories will get an additional twist with our animations and snarky personality.

These satirical news animations have been featured on Conan, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, New York Times, TIME, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, and more.


Next Animation Studio's News Direct service delivers cutting-edge 3D animated news graphics through Reuters, the world's largest multimedia news agency. News Direct animation fills in the gaps when video footage is missing and provides clear illustrations of news that is highly conceptual or technical in nature. With industry-leading turnaround times, News Direct's animations are available to customers hours after a top story breaks. News Direct launched on Reuters' global distribution system in July of 2012. Some 150 media outlets worldwide currently use News Direct's animations. For more information about News Direct or to sign up for the service, please visit News Direct.


Commercial scanning services are available with the Light Stage, the only one of its kind in Asia. The Light Stage gives the studio ability to do rapid, Hollywood-quality facial scanning that captures not only the subject's facial features and skin tone, but also the translucency of the skin. The results are superior compared to any other facial scanning technology in the market.


Rapid model generation services are available with the studio's Body Scan & Photo Head technologies. Realistic human models and textures can be created through a quick photographic process. Body Scan & Photo Head are ideal for clients who have limited in-house capacity for model building but need realistic human avatars on short notice.


TomoLive lets you interact with your audience using a 3D avatar of your choice. Viewers experience a one-on-one interaction with an animated avatar that is controlled remotely by an actor. TomoLive can capture facial expressions, body motion, and even finger movements. Have your 3D character interview or be interviewed on live TV, or even in person using our mobile TomoLive Cart. 3D characters can also interact with audiences around the world, all from a central location using remote control over the internet. Use TomoLive to invite audiences to engage with your brand in a way they’ve never experienced before! Past and present clients who have used TomoLive include TV studios, animation studios, virtual concert events, exhibitions and theme parks.


Create a brand new advertising experience through Augmented Reality (AR) with CloudEye, and let audiences interact with 3D animated content on any surface or object through their smartphones. Unlike conventional AR implementations, Cloudeye combines picture/marker recognition and content projection with data management through the cloud.


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